The Glass Child

This week you will discover a Swedish singer : The Glass Child. Charlotte Eriksson is a songwriter, singer and author. She is an inspiring artist, not only for her music, but for her entire spirit and life philosophy. She wants to prove to people that they can become whoever they want to be, even if it's hard and if it hurts.


The Colaars

In this week we proudly present you new band of our choosing: The Colaars.

This Ukrainian band focuses mainly on the indie genre, mixing it with rock and pop. The result is very interesting and unusal. You can listen to their songs for ten times, and eleventh time discover something completely new and different than before.



This week we will listen to a special band from Colombia called “3-2-1-Trio”. The band consists of 3 Colombian people. In 2003, they first meet together in the city Medellín, which is located in the northwest of Colombia.
The band has a very typical style of music. The three instruments are Tiple, Guitar and Bandola, which are very typical for Latin America.



Today's stunning band of the week is Dutilleul.
He is a French artist who is not as famous as other artists but still creates refreshing and melodious music.
On Jamendo you can find him in the genres hip-hop, funk, jazz, chill-out or electronic.


Jamie Rumley

In our today's episode of band of the week, let me introduce to you Jamie Rumley, a talented young musician. Her music is ranging from rock to folk pop and she also published versions of classic folk.
Her diverse music together with her calm and genial voice - that fits perfect to different types of genres - makes her and her music very unique.



Today like every week our radio has for you a new band to listen too.
So let’s create together a Monday full of music. May I introduce to you Harveys.


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