Delitto su Carta

When I think about music I like, I think about music, where the songs have a meaning behind them, when they bring us closer to reality, the nice things and the bad ones, which create our everyday life. Music should make us dream, but also make us think about our life, how we live, what we do, what we can do differently.


Chill Carrier

The Band of this week is named Chill Carrier. The producer of the music is named Sebastian Kretzschmar and comes from Chemnitz in Germany. He started being into electronic music around 1995. Chill Carrier was founded in 2003 and is said to be always evolving, never stopping. Chill Carrier released its first album in 2008, which was named “Release of awakening”.



The band that I chose for this week is called Azwel!
Be ready to dance all the day and receive complaints from your neighbors!
Like always the rhythm of rock it can be heard from afar and in this case you will remember just one name Azwel.


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