Lawrence Beamen

Today I would like to talk to you about a nice musician I found recently, so I hope you are ready to hear something new.
Lawrence Beamen started his musical career at the age of 16 when he was invited to sing for Rosa Parks.
He learned how to sing in the church where he also learned that the voice is a way to express your values and yourself. This advice he took to heart. Today he is a passionate singer, song-writer, producer, composer and actor.


AJC and The Envelope Pushers

It’s Monday again and time for a new Band of the week. Today I will introduce AJC and the Envelope Pushers to you, a band like chameleon or a colourful pack of smarties. Why? Because the guys of this band are masters in mixing genres and switch from one song to the next from Hip Hop to Jazz.



Also this week we will speak about music and musicians, the band that I chose for you comes directly from Italy near to the city of Trento, their name is BlackStar. This band is really pure energy, because their style is metallic, like the sound that you will remember and will be present in your mind for some days after one of their concerts.


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