Our Project

"Experimental" Technology Education Sports

Or in the short version: TES. This is the official name of our project. But it does not give away that much, does it? So what exactly is TES?

TES is a non-profit organization, that cooperates with the European Commission and the European Voluntary Service or Youth in Action program, in which young people from countries all over Europe are given the chance to work abroad as volunteers in different projects for a certain time. For more information about the European Voluntary Service (EVS), click here.

"Experimental" Technology Education Sports is one of these projects, located on the island of Chios in Greece.

What we do

The TES volunteers create, host and maintain several useful websites about for example the island of Chios, special events, the culture of the local community and many other topics. Right now, you are visiting our youngest project, called ChiosRadio.gr, a radio station for tourists and the local community, including fun recordings, information about the Island of Chios, it's Culture and also the People's Voices here.

Depending on the needs of the organisation and local community, the volunteers of this project also work as assistant swimming teachers in the local swimming pool of Ormos Lo, as assistant teachers in the local primary school or as sailing teachers in the sailing team.

If you are looking for more information about our project, please visit our current project's website 4Youth.eu and have a look at some of our websites. You can find the links under "Visit Our Websites" at the bottom of the Homepage of ChiosRadio.gr.

Here are the most famous websites of "Experimental" Technology Education Sports:

4Youth.eu (All about our Project)


Chios.comChios.com (Everything about the island of Chios)


Experimental.gr (Information about Youth programs, initiatives and exchanges)

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