The ancient Greeks are known as really intelligent people and it does not seem too far off that they are also the inventors of cartography.


The measurement of the earth

How big is the earth?
Everyone knows that the earth is round and I would not start a discussion on how important this is for us, our existence and all the living on the earth.
But at the moment we know that the earth is like a ball or better said a squashed mandarin, a new question gets created in our minds: How big is our mother planet, how long is its circumference?


The robot maid

If you asked me how I imagined the future, I would tell you about flying cars, underwater cities, travel in space and robots living among people. I think everyone wished to have someone helping in the house every day – cooking food, cleaning the dishes, tidying up the house, making the bed, pouring drinks. Someone who doesn’t need to be paid and who follows your commands without any question.


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