Winter sport

If you think about sport in Greece, skiing or ice skating are probably not the first things coming in your mind. So today I would like to present you which sport events in Greece or with Greek participation expect you this winter.


Dora Stratou Dance Theatre

Today I would like to present you a very special living museum of Greek dance. The "Dora Stratou" Dance Theatre in Athen. It was founded by the Greek dancer, singer and choreographer Dora Stratou in 1953. Today it is the only one theatre in the world which presents traditional dances from about 80 countries of Greek and it owns the biggest collection of national costumes. 


Sani Festival

25 years. A pretty long time, isn't it? Well, that's how long the Sani Festival on Χαλκιδική (Chalkidiki) has already taken place. Back in 1992 when the festival had its premiere there was excitement, unavoidable stress and the ambition to keep going. It was a unique event in Greece at that time. Now, 25 years later, it is popular around the world with dedicated fans who can't wait for it to begin.


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