... everybody was blind?

Seeing is for most of the people something natural and a part of their everyday life. We travel to different places, we visit museums, we buy clothes or food because they attract our attention when we see them in the stores or in advertisement. Our life and behavior is influenced by what we see. But what if everybody was blind?


... money never existed

If nobody ever had thought about the idea of money, our world would look completely different to what we know today. Let us imagine that you wanted to buy a tomato to make yourself a Greek salad. You go to the farmer who has lots of tomatoes and ask him if you can get some. In our world you could offer the farmer money, but what if there was no money to begin with?


... people could breath under water

21 minutes and 33 seconds was the maximum of holding the breath a human ever made, but imagine you, holding your breath for 1 day, or also to breath under water? If this would have been possible, you could find a lot of things in our oceans. Maybe people would start to build there houses under water and we could have villages or even cities in our oceans. People would drive with boats in the water instead of cars to visit their friends or go to school.


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