a rabbit ruled the world

It might be a scenario never actually occurring.
But in case that a rabbit ruled the world in the future, it is important for us to have at least an idea of what it could be like.

There are two extremes to be described, depending on the respective character of the rabbit.

The first extreme would be a ruthless rabbit.
This type would cause serious troubles for the whole mankind, determining and controlling everything on its own.
It would seem like a dictatorical regime, which oppresses every creature except for rabbits.
As this type of rabbit would be in possession of a huge brain, providing it with a higher emotional quotient than a human, its speeches would convince all of the people immediately.
In addition to that it would be able to think rational and abstract, which means that it could use technical devices efficiently.
Sitting inside of a controlling room, it would have fun to think of new laws restricting fundamental rights of people.
The almighty animal would set carrots as basic nutrition, displacing common food as grain.
As carrots contain a lot of provitamin A, less people would suffer from eye diseases after all.

The other extreme would be a sweet, harmless rabbit.
This type would not be a threat to the mankind at all.
The people would vote in favor of it only because it looks so cute and they want it to be the peaceful icon of the world.
Being a common rabbit with an average rabbitbrain it would definitely not be able to communicate with people.
In this way the usual institutions of the several states would make political decisions.

Most of the time the reality is depicted within two extremes.
So now it is your turn.
How would you imagine the reign of a rabbit?


... nobody would have prejudices?

This time I invite you to listen to a little mind game. Our today's topic: prejudices. An opinion not based on reason or even without actual experience. I am sure, that everybody would agree, if I call them unfair. They prevent us from being open-minded and welcoming new situations with open arms. We have an opinion about persons that we never saw in our lives. As soon as someone gives an opinion about foreign people or actions, we start to make our own opinion and face upcoming situation with prejudices. But what if nobody would have them?



...you woke up in Japan tomorrow?

Ohayōgozaimasu! Good morning from Tokyo, a metropolis of 13 millions of residents where you could get the feeling of being travelling in time. If you were there, with a lot of money in your pocket, would you seize the opportunity to walk around futuristic roads (maybe wearing a costume of your favourite anime character) and buy everything you want and need?


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