... global warming constantly continues?

You might have heard of it in the news or listened to it on the radio several times already. Also in politics this topic is very present and part of serious discussions: the global warming. Since it is a very important topic, I decided to invite you listeners to think about our today's what if-question together with me. What if global warming constantly continues?


... one Virus could kill the world.

Maybe you know the game „Plague Inc.”. The aim of the game is a bit brutally. It is to kill the world with one virus. I was questioning myself if it would be possible to kill the world with one virus, or bacteria or what would happen with our planet after the human?
Soon I found out, that it is not possible to kill all the people with one virus. First of all, we have to know, that a virus is something very small


... we had no motivation?

We all know this feeling: the annoying alarm clock rings and we definitely don't want to leave our warm and comfortable bed. But after a warm shower and maybe three cups of coffee we are mostly motivated to leave the house and to start this day.


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