Ocean Shiver

Welcome to some new music inspirations on ChiosRadio.gr!
Do you know the amazement that the sea brings with itself, the calmness of the stable rhythm of the waves crashing against the stones, the rush? Ocean Shiver, the musician that I want to introduce to you this week could for sure be inspired by this…



Today I am going to present you the band “Crete Boom”.

Seosamh and Colm Cahill are two brothers who created the band “CRETE BOOM” in Dublin in 2005. Together with Seosamh, guitarist and song-writer, and Colm, drums, also Mick Ruane played the bass guitar since the beginning in the band.



It’s Monday again and time for a new band of the week!
For today’s episode I found a very unique band for you. Their name is Kinematic – just like the branch of classical mechanics that describes motion.
The band has four members and is located in Melbourne in Australia. Even if they describe their music as “unpop”, I would classify most of their songs as indie pop or maybe indie rock.


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