In Greece it is usual to have a special dish for special events. It belongs to there tradition like the Christmas tree on Christmas day. On Easter for example, you can smell in every household the famous Tsoureki, a traditional Greek Easter bread. It is not that easy to prepare, but it is definitely worth trying it.


Greek Coffee

Today we want to have a closer look on the greeks favourite coffee called ellinikos.

For making it you first need a briki. This is usually a pot made out of steel which you need to prepare the coffee. It is needed to create the typical foam of the coffee so that you can recognize it as original ellinikos. In general you receive two portions out of one briki. The ellinikos is usually served in a demitasse cup, "the flitzani" which can contain only half of the volume of a regular cup.



Today on Specialties from Greek, I can proudly present you one of the most traditional and common Greek dishes: The Souvlaki. Although the Souvlaki has been invented many years ago, it is still very popular and many people consume it in traditional festivals like Panigiri, or in a Pita filled with tomatoes, Souvlaki and Tsatsiki. Aristophranes and Homer mentioned this tasty meal in their labors, so you see it has a long history.


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