Finn Anderson

This week, you will be introduced to a very talented Scottish musician : Finn Anderson. He is 24 years old, and composes an alternative pop/folk music. He was raised in Fife on the East Coast of Scotland.


Brain Purist

"Free your mind and do your dance. This is Brain Purist!"
Be introduced to the musician of the week, Brain Purist. I guess you would like to know who the person behind this name is? Well, he is an artist, producer and definitely futurist thinker from Croatia. Originally, he produced hip-hop but was looking for a new direction and came upon house music. However, he takes inspiration not only from this genre but also from lounge, hip-hop and pop.



Today I would like to introduce you to the band Ridgway. Created in the year 2014 Ridgway is a kind of new band which charmed a lot of people with their fun music.
The band has five members: Forest Bousquette, the singer, Jack Buzian and Jordan Kulp on the guitars, Eric Trignami on the bass and Keelan Scarth on the drums.


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