The snowy island of Chios

The Greek Χίος spelled sometimes in the Latin characters with h at the beginning and s instead of final sigma, English Chios, Turkish Sakız Adası, and Genoese Scio becoming Italian Chio... However, what do we actually know about the island's name?


The Jews of Chios

Chios, the island on the frontier of Europe and Asia nowadays is also considered as the isle bordering two different cultures based on two exceedingly contrasting religions: Islamic world, and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

And so, many people, both the Chians and foreigners, reckon there was never any other religion followers residing the island.  


The Massacre of Chios

The Massacre of Chios is for sure the worst event in the history of Chios. During the 4th century Greece was under the occupation of the Ottoman Empire.


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