... jealousy did not exist?

Today I'd like to think about what would happen if jealousy didn't exist. We all know this feeling and we've experienced it for sure multiple times in our life. It's often not something we are able to control and it can overcome us suddenly. We often realize only later that we were acting irrationally out of jealousy. So our first impression would be to celebrate the end of jealousy, wouldn't it?


Mattia Vlad Morleo

Hello!!Today I want to talk about one young artist called Mattiao Vlad Morleo.
Morleo was born in Fasano, Apulia, Italy. He began his musical studies at the age of 8, playing piano with his father.


...men didn't exist

We already have imagined how world without women would be, now it is a time to imagine what if men didn't exist. Everyone knows the sentens from the song It's raining men, hallejulah. Do you think it is the truth that men are blessing for women?


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