Constantine Cavafy

Constantine P. Cavafy  was born in Alexandria in 1863. His parents were both Greek and he is a famous poet who lived and worked most of his life in Alexandria. Cavafy was a cosmopolitan by his birth because his family roots extended from Constantinople to London (via Alexandria, Trebizond, Chios, Trieste, Venice and Vienna).


Theopompos of Chios

Theopompus of Chios was a Hellenic scholar, historian and rhetorician. Born about
378 BC on the island of Chios.


Neophytus Vamvas

Neophytus Vamvas was born on Chios Island (Χίος) in 1770. His secular name was Nikolaos but he was widly just known as Neophytus. Vamvas was regarded as a well known Greek cleric and scholar.


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