Today I am going to present you the band “Crete Boom”.

Seosamh and Colm Cahill are two brothers who created the band “CRETE BOOM” in Dublin in 2005. Together with Seosamh, guitarist and song-writer, and Colm, drums, also Mick Ruane played the bass guitar since the beginning in the band.


Grégoire Lourme

Grégoire Lourme is a French composer from Toulouse of 32 years old (19th march 1985). At 15 he started playing music with a keyboard, just to recreate known music themes. He never learned music theory and doesn't even know how to read a sheet. He composes on computer, by ear, improvises often and he is also trying to invent his own music writing system.


The Bourgeois

The name of the current "Band of the Week" might be a little confusing. They are American but their band has a French name, The Bourgeois. I can imagine that some people might just shorten their name with "The B" because remembering the right pronunciation without basic French knowledge is quite difficult.



It’s Monday again and time for a new band of the week!
For today’s episode I found a very unique band for you. Their name is Kinematic – just like the branch of classical mechanics that describes motion.
The band has four members and is located in Melbourne in Australia. Even if they describe their music as “unpop”, I would classify most of their songs as indie pop or maybe indie rock.


Familia Reggae

Familia Reggae is a group which was created in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2008. This group has roots in the reggae music culture.


Semme Automatic

Welcome to!
Our today’s band of the week is actually a solo musician, but anyways, I would like to introduce you to a young hip hop artist I recently discovered, living in Pensacola, Florida born on 21st October 1998 in Tacoma, Washington with oculoctaneous Albinism.


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