You think making marketable music for the masses and communicate a deep massage at the same time is impossible? Then you don't know our musician of the week. I am very happy to present you Wordsmith.



Our Band of the week for today mainly consists of Seth Power.

Already with eight years Seth Power started playing the piano and with ten years he started playing the guitar as well.
In the age of 14 he began to write his own music with passion.
During the following years, Power took part in highschool music competitions but also gigs outside of the school.


Kamarina sound machine

Our Band of the week is called Kamarina Sound machine.
It consists of Italian newcomers , who try to fascinate the people producing fresh beats mostly without voice.


Greyskull Chapel

This time's band of the week is something for the Rock-Fans amongst you: it is the Brazilian band "Greyskull Chapel".

“Greyskull Chapel” is the successor of "Pax" and was founded in 2013. The music they make is described as "alternative metal" and they say that they are influenced by common known bands like Mastodon, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.
The band's members are Arthur Zarpelon and Daniel Ribeiro, who sing and play the guitar, Douglas Oliveira, who is the drummer, and Thiago Veiga, who plays the bass.


Kommissar Seegurke

In this week, I present a very special musician to you. He is an only 16 years old boy from Germany, still goes to school and just loves computers as well as music. What else do you need to write your own songs?


Mc Richard

This week it is again time for a Latin band in our “band of the week” category. The singer and songwriter of this week comes from a small city called Camagüey located in the middle of the Caribbean island Cuba.


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