Creatures from HELLas

In this category you will have to guess if the creature we present you is from a horror movie or from the ancient Greek mythology! Enjoy!

The Faun

Today I would like to present you very well-known creature. He is part of different fantasy books and movies. Our topic for today is the Faun.


The Basilisk

 Probably you have already heard of the Basilisk, a very frightening snake creature, in one or another novel which name I will not mention now. But like every legendary monster, it mostly has its routs in the Greek mythology. So, read through this description and guess: is it also the case with this one?


Far Darrig

You are bored and want something to do? What about our famous guessing game “the Creatures from HELLas”. I will now present you a creature and you have to decide if it's a creature from the Greek mythology or from somewhere else. Are you ready?


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