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Battle of Chios (1912)

Educational System in Austria

Welcome to a short excursion to the educational system in Austria, which is similar to the German one. Yet there are some differences as you will see by reading the following article.


Educational System in Belgium

Belgium, though being a country divided into three communities with different languages (French, Flemish and German), has a unified school system. It offers education without major 'interference' by the national government, which only decides on the age for mandatory schooling and the financing of the communities.


Educational System in Germany

Education and the right for everyone to recieve education is given by the German constitution. Everybody has to attend school for at least nine years. But these obligatory years are not the beginning of the educational process in Germany.


Educational System in Greece

The Greek educational system is governed by laws and administrative deeds like everywhere in Europe. The Minister of national education and religious questions is accountable for educational policies and has the whole responsibility.


Educational System in Poland

The educational system in Poland was established in 1998/ 1999. Since then, there have been some necessary changing in the system concerning the administration, the supervision and the teacher's rights etc.


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