Speak if it's Greek

Truth or lie, fact or fiction? In our show "Speak if it's Greek" we wish to give you, the listener, in an entertaining way the chance to test your own knowledge.

Is the story you will hear true, and the item really of Greek origin? Or are we just pulling your leg? Listen an decide for yourself. The correct answer will be given away every week in the preview, and below the video.

So go ahead and Speak if it's Greek!

The Anchor

The Greece since the times of antiquity is the dominatrix of the Aegean sea.
The Hellenic contribution to ship construction is huge. The Greek were some of the firsts who made long sea voyages and who built ships that could not be brought to shore, thus forcing them to find a way to tie their ships d


The guitar

Can you imagine your life without music? It's probably really difficult for you. Maybe you like the sounds of the guitar? Do you know who was the inventor and how it has been invented? If your answer is no you should read this article!


The Invention of the Umbrella

Have you ever wondered who was the inventor and how has been invented the umbrella?
If you don’t know… in our section dedicated to entertainment you can find this beautiful story!


The tape

The simple tape can make miracles. Sometimes we don’t know how many uses has this small thing, but fortunately people have a lot of and crazy ideas for it. Tape is useful for lock some packages or boxes, also to fix dress or to make a wallet. Even we can glue poster or painting on the wall. I cannot imagine work in schools or kindergartens without it. Every time if something is broken like toy or book in the school’s library we take a one piece of tape and… abra cadabra it works again.
But who was so creative to invented the tape?


Battering Ram

The ram is a siege engine that originated in ancient times. It was used to break through the entrance gates of fortresses and castles, or of walls when they were not particularly thick, by drilling of the breach.


The pancakes

Pancakes are well-known by the whole world. They can be eaten for a breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can be served with a variety of toppings or fillings including jam, fruit, syrup, chocolate cream and even meat, vegetables or various cheese.


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