Have you ever wondered what answers you will get if you could interview Greek personalities like Hades, god of the underworld, or the great Greek poet Homer? No? Well, lucky you, because we already did it for you! Tune in to our fictive Talks with famous people from Greece, and marvel at their unexpected answers!

Interview with Artemis

"I am Artemis and I am responsible for Wilderness, Hunting as well as Birth and Children. You think this combination fits not at all? Well, even this variety of responsibilities makes my life so interesting and exciting. If you want to know more about me, listen to my Interview."


Interview with Asclepius

Today we have one very special guest in our studio. Asclepius, the god of the medicine. He has some very nice stories to tell us, from his death and many other things he had to do in his life. As the god of the medicine he can decide over life and death from the people. By the way, do you know his symbol?


Interview with Athena

Her helmet is raising high on her forehead and sometimes she was seen with an owl sitting on her shoulder. Any ideas who it is? Of yours you are right, today we are lucky to welcome Athena. What you will be confronted with? Well, I don't want to reveal so much, but here is one little hint- you can listen to a very strange story about her birth. Interested? Than don't waste time and listen to our little conversation.


Interview with Cadmus

This weeks guest in our radio studio may not be very known or popular but he has an interesting story to tell for sure! Cadmus was the founder of the city Thebes and its first king and ruler. In his life, he experienced different unbelievable episodes. We hope you will enjoy this interview and have as much fun as we had!


Interview with Cassandra

Today we have Cassandra here in our studio, she was an important character in the Trojan war. We will speak about her ability to foresee things and the curse which made nobody believe her prophecies. She saw many terrible things both in her visions and in real life but still kept on to her faith.


Interview with Cerberus

I am happy, but somehow a little bit afraid of our guest. Why? Well, let me try to describe, he has 3 heads and very sharp teeth..


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