Omiros (Homer) and Daskalopetra

It is time for a little piece of history about Chios Island and…what is better than talk about one of the most important writers in the history of humanity?

We are talking about Homer or in the Greek name: Omiros



Palamidi is a fortress to the east of the Acronauplia in the town of Nafplio in the Peloponnese region of southern Greece.


Panagia Krina


It's the small but beautiful church dedicated to Virgin Mary and located in Vavili, a very silent and green place.
Panagia Krina was built in thirteenth century by Efstathios Kodratos and his wife Eirini Doukaina Pepagomeni, both of whom were members of the court in Constantinople.


Porto Heli

Summer is finally coming again and with summer also the time of planning the summer vacation starts again. And which place is nicer to visit in summer than a greek island? Well, none it seems. Perfect beaches, sun and water! Except if they are to isolated for you. Then I might have the right place for your summer vacation, a nice small village on the main land with beautiful beaches and in easy reach to an as beautiful island, but also not as isolated as an island would be.


Pyramids of Argolis

Hello and welcome to

Usually when you speak about pyramids people immediately think of Egypt, and others believe that there are pyramids only there, but this is not true, there are pyramids throughout the world!
Today I will speak you about the “Greek pyramids” located in the regional unit Argolid, part of the Peloponnese. Yes, maybe they are not as the usual massive pyramids, anyway they are part of the history of Greece.



There are places on Chios island where people can imagine living in the ancient centuries. One of them is Rimokastro. In this exceptional place you can still feel the energy of times gone by.


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