The little match girl - A Christmas story

A short-story by Hans Christian Andersen published in 1845.


The Summer Solstice

The month of June has an important date!! The summer solstice!

A solstice happens when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky and in the ancient cultures this was related to power, of course. The summer solstice has generally been celebrated around the north hemisphere as a time of power and a coincidence of energies.  This event happens twice every year in the winter and in the summer and this phenomena together with the equinoxes, are connected with the seasons.


Three Hierarchs Celebration

The teachers and the children of the 2nd primary school of Vrontados celebrated the Feast of the Three Hierarchs on Friday January 30th.



Eastern is approaching very fast and with Eastern, in the Catholic Church and especially in Greece, the time of fasting also starts. Beginning on Ash Monday, for 40 days no one will eat any meat in Greece. The beginning of the fasting time and the beginning of the carnival as well, is marked by Tsiknopempti, a celebration, where everywhere meat is cooked and people eat meat in all of Greece. Sounds great, isn`t it? And it is. But what is this mostly unknown celebration?


When in Greece do as Greeks do and dance

When in Greece do as Greeks do and dance. OPA!

There's a famous proverb: when in Rome,do as the Romans do. Here on Chios Island we could say when in Greece do as Greeks do and dance.
Last Saturday we had the pleasure to attend greek dancing classes in Nenita, and of course- if was great. There are classes for kids, teenagers and adults one after another and we've gone to all of them. The difference? Well steps would get more and more complex the older the students were and also the adult dancers would taste a little wine during the break. Fantastic, right? :)


Who is Santa Claus?

Get to know more about the true history of our beloved and well know Santa Claus!


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