The celebration day of Agia Markella

Agia Markella or Saint Markella was an inhabitant of Chios and is a really revered saint, it is said that her icon is miraculous. Saint Markella was born and lived in Volissos during the 14th Century. She was raised as a Christian by her mother and when she died Agia Markella kept living her life according with the values that her mother taught her.


The Greek Independence Day on March 25

Every year on the 25th of March whole Greece is celebrating. In every school children create a parade and theatre plays or other presentations to the topic 25th of March. In the cities there are bigger parades and the Greek flag is present everywhere. But what is this exciting day about?


The little match girl - A Christmas story

A short-story by Hans Christian Andersen published in 1845.


The Summer Solstice

The month of June has an important date!! The summer solstice!

A solstice happens when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky and in the ancient cultures this was related to power, of course. The summer solstice has generally been celebrated around the north hemisphere as a time of power and a coincidence of energies.  This event happens twice every year in the winter and in the summer and this phenomena together with the equinoxes, are connected with the seasons.


Three Hierarchs Celebration

The teachers and the children of the 2nd primary school of Vrontados celebrated the Feast of the Three Hierarchs on Friday January 30th.


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