Greek Name Day Tradition


The Greek Orthodox Church is the official religion in Greece. In this Christian denomination, saints and martyrs have a certain day dedicated to themselves. If a Greek person is named after one of these people, it is a common gesture to mark the specific day with a name day celebration. 


Greek Orthodox Pentecost

The Orthodox Pentecost (Πεντεκοστί) is celebrated 50 days after Orthodox Easter. The Feast commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles on the day of Pentecost, a feast of the Jewish tradition.


Greek Orthodox Wedding

The Greek Orthodox Wedding is an ancient and beautiful ceremony, which has been celebrated in its current form for centuries. It is full of symbolism, quite different from weddings one might attend in Western Europe.


Greek Superstitions

As you maybe know, the Greeks are very superstitious and have a lot of rules to protect themselves from bad luck and Evil. Now I will tell you many superstitions, that you will not wonder if you are coming to Greece one time.


Hope Carnival Dance

Saturday, 25 February 2017 in the Theodosius Centre Chios

It’s again this time of the year: people are walking laughing trough the streets wearing funny costumes, singing songs and having fun! Carnival is definitely the most important celebration of the year for all crazy party people!


How Greeks Celebrate Christmas

Greek people have many specific Christmas traditions, but there are also many similarities to other western countries, especially as more commercialized ways of celebration are starting to become more common. Although, for them, Christmas is a very religious holiday and everybody are aware of the story of Christ as well as of the fact that Christmas isn’t about the presents, but about celebrating the birth of Christ. It’s a solemn and religious celebration, but at the same time it’s also festive and glamorous.


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