Jamie Rumley

In our today's episode of band of the week, let me introduce to you Jamie Rumley, a talented young musician. Her music is ranging from rock to folk pop and she also published versions of classic folk.
Her diverse music together with her calm and genial voice - that fits perfect to different types of genres - makes her and her music very unique.



This week we will listen to a special band from Colombia called “3-2-1-Trio”. The band consists of 3 Colombian people. In 2003, they first meet together in the city Medellín, which is located in the northwest of Colombia.
The band has a very typical style of music. The three instruments are Tiple, Guitar and Bandola, which are very typical for Latin America.



Today like every week our radio has for you a new band to listen too.
So let’s create together a Monday full of music. May I introduce to you Harveys.


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