Marc Reeves

This week you have the one time chance to discover our new band of the week, singer and songwriter Marc Reeves from the UK, a young, passionate musician with an unexpected great voice. Check it out!



This week we would like to present to you, Dahab, a 5 piece band from the United Arab Emirates.
Their music and be defined as an '' acoustic ethnic rock with 70's influence'' and will remind you of the endless widths of the desert. So check them out!


Fresh Body Shop

Fresh Body Shop is a band created in 2007 in Nantes, France. Its lead singer, Pedro Rousseau, gathered all the FBS crew together after his first demo got successful reviews. Together, all of the band members can make the kind of music that plays in their hearts – the mixture of electronic, indie, rock and pop music.


Tamara Laurel - The New Folk Sensation

The next time you find yourself standing in an open field at dawn, a brisk south-westerly wind rolling over the hills and the sun breaking through the clouds, you’ll want to be listening to I want You.


Jill Zimmerman

Hello and welcome in

I proudly present you the very intriguing artist Jill Zimmerman. I really shouldn’t speak a lot about her, because her music explains and passes to you everything. Even if you really would like to know more about this artist you will find an advice just to listen to her!


Uniform Motion - Music combined with Illustrations

Uniform Motion is a French indie-folk band from Toulouse, which is combining their music with drawings. The band has three members, two are responsible for the music (Oliver Piotee and Andy Richards) and even one responsible for illustrations (Renaud Forestié).


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