Our Program

Welcome to the Program-Section of ChiosRadio.gr , in which you can find music from lots of different genres and artists. This music is licensed by the "Creative Commons"(CC), or "Art Libre". Both of them assure that the artists decide what happens with their music, unlike other official management companies like the American 'ASCAP' or the German 'GEMA', which are not necessarily responsible for protecting the artists rights.

But ChiosRadio.gr is not only a platform to present and promote talented musicians, like in our rubric Band of the Week, in which we offer reviews of our favorite band of the week. We also have the Entertainment section, in which we try to move away a bit from the seriousness of life and to entertain you with funny stories, facts and much more.

So if you are interested in listening to unknown, yet talented bands, check out our stream above or visit the Song History page, in which you can check what songs you missed so far. Any other music, not featured in our program, can be found on Jamendo.com , a website for music under the free license of the Creative Commons, and our source for great musical entertainment. 

Enjoy your stay on ChiosRadio.gr !

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