Slow Corpse

Are you looking for some new tunes for your summer playlist, and you are into Indie, pop, Rock, the band I will introduce to you this week, is perfect for you. They are called Slow Corpse, their band consist of 4 guys from Ashland, Oregon, USA.

The band is playing mostly locally in Oregon, but the feedback from their shows are great, no surprise, listening to their album “Moons” I feel like going on a summer road trip listening to their album on full volume in my car. They play real music: Mitchell Winters on vocals and key, Brendon Clarke on guitar and back vocals, Cole Zollinger on the bass and Cesar Perez on the drums.

Even though this band has not quite yet reached international waters, I certainly wish and believe they will very soon. So now I give you the chance to listen to their song “Moons” from their latest album “moons”, lean back and enjoy the latest and some of the greatest Oregon, has to offer.

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