Today, for our movie section, I will speak you about a very classical Greek tale, the movie is titled Antigone.
Antigone is a 1961 Greek film directed by Yorgos Javellas.
It is an adaptation of the Ancient Greek tragedy Antigone by Sophocles, one of the most famous ancient Greek tragedians!

The film follows the story of the play closely, but ends differently.
The movie is directed, produced, written and interpreted by Greek people.
After the death of the two brother Eteocles and Polyneices under the walls of Thebes, the new ruler of Creon ordered to bring the body of Eteocle in the city to receive funeral honors, and to leave the body of Polyneices in the places where he falls death to become food for dogs.
Polyneices had erred in declaring war against his brother, and against the city, but the sister, Antigone, does not accept the order of Creon, although she risks the death penalty she is not afraid.
Antigone also had a secret lover, Haemon, Creon's son, with whom she had more amorous encounters, and the two had also had a son.
Antigone wants anyway to bury her brother and asks for help to her secret lover, Haemon, and while they are going to conclude the burial rites are discovered by a guard. Antigone will be condemned by the king, his uncle, to be buried alive.
The king decides too late to release her, in fact she is already dead.
Now if you found this movie interesting watch it!
I hope you enjoy!


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