The talented Christopher Papakaliatis is the writer, director and main character of “An” (What if), his first movie.  The film won the Best Sound award in Hellenic Film Academy Awards.

This movie talks about the economic crisis and a man, Demetris, highly independent who lives a normal life. The roommate of Demetris called him for going out. He tries to change her mind but she insists.
This decision will change his entire life. If Demetris goes out he will meet Christina, the love of his life. But what if they were met under different circumstances?
Does true love exist? What is the impact of a severe economic crisis on people and how can the crisis destroy a couple? One story shown from two different angles.
Although the idea is simple and the resources used on it are minimum, yet the result is great.The stories take place in Athens' oldest area, Plaka and they are connected to an old film of the '60s titled "I Gini na Fovite ton Andra" which is an all time classic of the Greek Cinema. This genius connection further assists in the atmosphere and the emotional response of the audience to the protagonists' lives.



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