Gerita Beach

On a map, Gerita can be found in the North-Western part of Chios, located next to the village Sidirounda. Being around 40km away from the highly populated capital and a bit isolated from the civilization by a green mountainous landscape, this beach is more or less an insider tip.


Although its surface is covered by little pebbles, it is not necessary to take along your swim shoes. The sea floor is comfortably soft through the sandy ground.  Especially, when temperatures rise over 35˚ C during the Greek summer, Gerita beach is the perfect place to be: The light blue water of the Aegean Sea has a refreshing coolness at this place, but the surrounding hills protect all swimmers from too strong winds.

Some cliffs that protrude out of the sea in the distance create a romantic picturesque view that all visitors can enjoy while taking a nap at this peaceful location. Unorganized and without any touristic facilities, Gerita offers you undisturbed privacy and a spot to reflect on life and the world. Probably, it must be an amazing feeling to have the whole beach almost for oneself.

We highly recommend you to get yourselves a picture of this shore and to spend a relaxing day at Gerita.

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