Giali Beach

You are looking for a romantic place on Chios Island that is perfect for enjoying the afterglow and an unhindered picnic together with your beloved one? Then you should now listen carefully to our inside tip.  We highly recommend you Giali Beach!


For reaching the small, lovely bay of Giali, you have to walk one hour from Avgonyma - the closest touristic place to this cove with all necessary tourist shops and taverns. There are no possibilities of supply around the beach itself. Therefore, we suggest you to prepare some sandwiches, red vine or ouzo before spending some calm, relaxed hours at this location.

The isolation and privacy of Giali are the reasons why dreamers and sentimentalists love to stay there. Furthermore, this bay is attracting mostly some locals, because of its beautiful natural environment. A greenly overgrown slope hides the cove from cars passing by up the hill on the highway. The sandy surface - containing some small pebbles – is very comfortable for beach goers. The crystal-blue water with its transparency, that enables swimmers to take a look at the seabed as through a glazed windowpane, gave Giali its name: γυαλί is Greek and means glass fragments.

You will find this special cove when you follow the direction of Elinta and Trahili beach in the Western part of Chios Island. Giali is located between these places, ca. 20 km away from Chios City.

You are now fascinated by this beach and your romantic side got addressed? What remains now, is only to convince your partner to join you! Or what about a surprising dinner under stars at the shore of Giali? Anyway, a visit to one of the most beautiful beaches of Chios Island is worthwhile.



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