You can find the place called Aghiasmata 55 kilometers away from Chios City and 19 kilometers from Volissos. It is located on the northern side of Chios Island on the mountainside of Amani.
Amani is also the name of an entire region in the North. It took its name from the therapeutic waters that spurt from the ground in temperatures of 70 degrees of Celcius!

The springs are at the western edge of the beach, just beyond the abandoned bath-house on the shore.

Nowadays the water is pumped from a concrete hut over the springs directly back to the Hydrotherapy Spa which lies in the floor of the valley, 500m to the south. At the moment, this is only open from July to September. The curative waters remain inaccessible for the rest of the year. In compensation the cliffs nearby are good for collecting samphire.
The beach and the landscape that surrounds it are of unique, wild beauty. In the summer visitors can combine their vacations with visits to the therapeutic waters. These therapeutic powers have been appreciated and used continuously since Byzantine times, if not for longer, and are mentioned with approval by visitors and writers from the 17th century on.

Aghiasmata used to be the trading center of the neighboring villages, especially of the antimony produced in the mines of Keramos. The route east, which winds from ravine to ravine, high above the largely deserted north coast, is densely forested and well-watered. In Antiquity this area produced ‘Ariousion wine’ - the most famous wine to be produced on an island already famed for its wines in general. Of course the village offers plenty of rooms for rent and taverns open during summertime. So you are able to enjoy some laid-back days in the beautiful Aghiasmata.

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