Agiasmata Beach

The beach of Agiasmata is located about 55 km from Chios City, nearby Volissos. This area is well known because of its termal hot springs.
The name means "saint water". There is a village called Leptopoda very close to the beach and around it you can see houses built of local stone and the beautiful pine forest.

The beach is located far from the center of the island, so one of its advantages is the silence and seclusion. There you can admire big, impressive waves hitting against the rocks.

All this because of the beache's northern location. It's also a perfect place for people who need water treatment and love swimming in the sea. The sand is coarse and the water is crystal clear. Equally beatiful is the road leading to the beach of Agiasmata.You can admire the mountains and valleys where the rich vegetation grows, and this you can admire all year long.

One more story is related to this beach. Travelling from Keramos to Agiasmata surely you will notice the old mines. Half a century ago, there were mines for exploting antimony, a very important substance. It's used very often in the industry, for example in printing, producing bearings, matches and many other things.
However, that's not all. You can also see the places and the remains of the companies which were using this valuable metaloid.

For people who love the Greek food, especially during the summertime, there is a lot of nice places where you can eat homemade dishes and enjoy the charming tavernas with the local delicacies. You can spend a really nice time there simply resting, and also the lovers of alcohol can taste some Souma and the local drink, Ariousio.

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