A comedy about Achileas and his friends, trying to some money to lose their virginity but end up spending their money on something totally different.

Costas Kapakas
Starring: Aris Tsapis, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Andreas Kyriakakis, Nikos Vassilikiotis, Yorgos Souxes and Michalis Tsirakis
Genre: Comedy

Summer 1969. Dictatorship.Achileas (Aris Tsapis) and his four friends live in a small village near by the sea. Like most boys they are interested in girls, women…and as being a teenagers with raging hormones they are looking for a way to release the tension crated by their new-found sexuality.
They make a pact and start saving money to spend it on a local prostitute, Uranya (Maria Grazia Cucinotta), to lose their virginity. But one day Achileas breaks his leg by falling off the yard wall of the local cinema when he wanted to see Brigitte Bardot naked. However, during his visit to the city to treat his broken leg, he, for the first time in his life sees a television.
The program informs about the launching of Apollo to the moon. So, after finding out about the Apollo-landing, Achilles who dreams of becoming a pilot or an astronaut tries to convince his friends to use their savings to buy a TV instead of discovering love, to watch the first landing on the moon:
“The whole world is going to see it live, only we won`t, because there is not a single TV set in our village!”. So saving their money is turning into a more noble purpose: to bring the village its first television.

The film is accompanied by a catchy Greek music soundtrack provided by Panagiotis Kalantzopoulos, that just gets into your bones and will make your screen time worth.

Here you can find the trailer:

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