Seafood, beaches and many traditional celebrations, sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
On ChiosRadio.gr we will talk now about an island that fulfills all these expectations, Oinousses.
The island of Oinousses is only a throw stone away from Chios, the Island of Mastix and placed between Turkey and Chios.


The name of the island is connected to the vineyard because “inos” is the greek word for wine. The village of Oinousses, Oinoussa, is very charming because of the traditional white houses. If you are lucky can even see them from Chios island. You can walk through small alleys to enjoy the wonderful island. Interesting about this city is that it was and is the island of shipowning families with a big influence. That is why many people say that this island has a deep-rooted marine tradition.

Oinousses is a city that is charming because of it's white houses, small streets and nice taverns. In the center of the city is the church of Saint Nikolaos which makes the natives very proud. On the island you can also see a statue of a mermaid of furthermore visit the marine museum. Characteristic about this island are the plenty places for bathing where you can enjoy the quiet side of Oinousses.

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