Chios Agricultural Festival

The Agricultural Festival is an event that takes place every year, at the end of July and the beginning of August. In the center of Chios city, Municipal Garden, dozens of booths are being set up. In each of them you can explore the beauty of the island better.

Exhibitors propose to you souvenirs, local handicraft, works of art. Some of them supply tourist’s information and offer attractions for tourists (such as sailing and trips to other islands). You can even buy some clothes here!
The most important parts of the exhibition are the local grocery products: visitors pay special attention to honey, olive oil, mastic products, local alcohol and spices collections. Some of the exhibitors let you even try it before you buy it.
The highlights of the festival are cultural events, such as dancing shows, performances of local artists or even special workshops.
All of that you can experience during 5 days of the year, in the evenings.
Entrance is free, so come and enjoy!

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