A Greek Summer

The movie A Greek Summer (original title: Nicostratos le pélican) is a french-greek film from the year 2011, produced by Olivier Horlait, based on the novel "Nikostratos" from Eric Boisset. The name in Greek is Ενα ξεχωριστο καλοκαιρι.



The story:

More than a monastery, a few fishermen and a café are not on the small and impoverished Greek island of Zora. There lives the 14 year old Yannis with his grumpy father Démosthène after the death of his mother.
On the sunny Aegean island the life goes on and its unhurried. That changes when Yannis finds a tiny starving pelican, which he buys off a steamboat captain.

The boy decides to bring him home and to hide the animal from the crabbed Démosthène. The small pelican grows up to a beautiful and large bird called Nicostratos.


Soon he is the attraction of the village and also of the whole island. Suddenly the tourists come in droves and leave their money to the satisfied islanders.


Through that he comes closer to the seventeen year old and pretty waitress Angeliki.

Later Nicostratos crashes, but there is still a happy end.




This movie offers idyllic pictures from Greece: The sparkle sea, amazing cliffs and beautiful bays!

The cheerful summer movie for the whole family shows Greece at its best. It is a really worth seeing movie.



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