Easter egg

Everybody is really excited in Greece when Easter is coming, for which the people in Chios need to prepare the famous eggs before.


The children practice in the school with the teachers and all of them together painting the eggs in many colors by different ways.

For example they put threads of several color over the egg and cover it with silver paper, boil the egg and later remove the paper and threads. The result is an egg covered with lines of different colors.

They can also just boil the water with the special color liquid and put the egg inside the water, which will make the egg take the color of the liquid. But the important day is the Easter day, when everything needs to be ready.

The people in Chios celebrate the day of the resurrection of Jesus together in the family and very nice food. But the real great moment is after the feast when the egg tradition starts. In this time two people hold an egg in one hand and they smack them together. The winner is whose egg shell did not break, though the loser can still eat the inside of his 'weapon' too.



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