A Touch of Spice

The historical conflicts between Greece and Turkey and the lifes of those caught in between are explored in Tassos Boulmetis' screen debut: The autobiographical drama A Touch of Spice.

The action commences in 1955. It is a story about a young Greek boy named Fanis, growing up in the center of Istanbul. He is very attached to his grandfather Vassilis, a culinary philospoher, mentor and hia best friend. He teaches him that food and life are very similar to each other: Both require a little salt to give them flavour, both require a 'touch of spice'. Fanis also falls in love for the first time with a Turkish girl, Saime. Unfortunately the Istanbul Pogrom starts in 1955, and the ethnic Greek community of Istanbul has to be reduced. The pogroms and deportations force Fanis family to move to Greece. Since Vassilis is not a dual citizen, he is able to stay behind while his grandson Fanis and his parents are being deported to Athens.

Fanis (Georges Corraface) grows up to becomes the professor of astronomy and astrophysics and an excellent cook. 35 years later, he leaves Athens and travels back to his birthplace in Istanbul to meet with his grandfather and his first love. This travel makes him realize that he forgot to put a little bit of spice into his own life.

The film won the Audience Award at the 2003 Thessaloniki Film Festival, and had its U.S. premiere in competition at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival. 

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