The Cyclope

Let's strain our mind for a little while and think about another guessing game. This week our creature from Hellas is called cyclope.

The name cyclope means "round eye" and revers to the fact that they are one-eyed creatures. The eye is placed on the middle of their forehead and gives them an extraordinary but frightening appearance. The giants are solely of male gender.



Cyclopes abstrain themselves from laws and live without respect and fear. They nourish themselves solely from human beings. Together with their wives and children they live in hidden caves, where they take the part of a ruler. One of their terrible acts was to seal one of these caves with a lot of men inside, where they left them to die.

To sum it up: self-assertion, violence and dominance are three of their main characteristics.


Now it is your turn. What do you think? Are these creatures and the horrible stories an invention of Hollywood or where they actually a part of the Greek mythology?


Unfortunately these creatures are not just an invention. Cyclopes where a part of the Greek mythology, indeed. Polythemus was the most famous one among them. Uranus and Gaea or Poseidon as well, were considered to be their parents.

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