... we are not getting older but younger?

It is normal for us to grow and to develop ourselves through the years of life. When we are born we can't talk and are completely dependent from our parents. But what if it is the other way around? What if we are not getting older but younger?

Imagine a world where we appear on the earth at the age of 100 years. At the beginning you have grey or white hair, missing teeth and a lot of lines in the face. Maybe you would be ill or at least have some difficulties with walking, seeing, hearing or speaking. In general all your activities you have to do slower and calculate more time for it. You would start to be a pensioner and probably need help for the daily life even for easy things like washing yourself, eating or change the cloths. But the question is, would we be frustrated or would it be normal because we haven't experienced something else until this time? So maybe we wouldn't miss something. Actually we could even like to see how we are getting better every day instead of getting worse.

It is a weird thought that someone who is younger than yourself would help you with your tasks, but in real time this person is longer on the earth than you are. Wouldn't it be strange if your parents are less age than you and therefore more childish? Another point is that you lose more and more knowledge through the years. But this way you always know more than your parents do. So it would be your turn to teach your parents new things and tell them if they behave wrong, especially when they are turning into a child.

Today many people are afraid of getting older. So it could be also good to have it the other way around. People would have something to look forward to. Instead of getting older they get younger, more beautiful and especially healthy. But when you continue this thought, becoming younger could also get a fear of people because of the loss of knowledge and they are getting more childish every day.

You see thinking about this topic is actually very confusing and the questions “what would happen if we are getting younger” are just getting more. But still it is an interesting thought and a funny topic to think of.

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