Dimitrios Mitropanos

Today I want to share another part of the Greek culture with you, by introducing another Greek singer and his music. Dimitrios Mitropanos (Δημήτρης Μητροπάνος) was born on the 2nd of April in 1948 and died at the age of 64 in April 2012. He was very renowned for his Greek music style.

In his early years, he supported his family in financial hardship, whilst doing various summer jobs. But he always wanted to become something else, he wanted to be a singer. And his dream came true. Even before finishing high school, he began to work as one. During a performance in his uncles company, he was discovered by Grigoris Bithikotsis, who introduced him later to Giorgos Zampetas, a well known singer and songwriter. During their cooperation Mitropanos did not only find a great teacher, but also a second father in him. He admired his helpfulness as well as his passion for music and teaching.

During the years he made the acquaintance of various singers and songwriters. Together with them they composed songs such as "Romiosini" or "Ksimeromata", which are quite popular already.

During his long career in the Greek music industry, Dimitios Mitropanos collaborated also with singers and songwriters of Laiko music, folk music, that is composed in accordance with the Greek traditions. Until the late 1980s this genre had a formative influence on his work.

Now, I invite you listeners to listen to the calm and passionate voice of Dimitris Mitropanos in one of his well known songs: (Τα Λαδάδικα) Ta Ladadika.



Enjoy it!

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