The Basilisk

 Probably you have already heard of the Basilisk, a very frightening snake creature, in one or another novel which name I will not mention now. But like every legendary monster, it mostly has its routs in the Greek mythology. So, read through this description and guess: is it also the case with this one?

The Basilisk is said to be the king of all serpents and of course, it also behaves like a king: instead of crawling on the ground it moves with its head held up high. It has even a white spot on its head that looks like a diadem. But, as you can guess, this king is a very cruel one. He can kill everyone with just a single look in the eye. Furthermore, you will always know where he has been as he burns and poisons everything he touches. He can even break stones and destroy something through his breath. He only has one inconspicuous enemy: the weasel which can kill the basilisk just because of its smell. Sadly also the weasel has to die then through the malicious look of the king. And if you think that you could kill it from a distance: you're wrong. Even if you sit on a horse and shoot the basilisk with a spear, the poison goes through your weapon into your body, so you and also your horse, which you probably ride, will die.

This monster sounds not so friendly, right? And it's for sure too cruel to be invented by Ancient Greeks, or not? Guess and find the right answer by clicking on the solution button.


The word Basilisk derives indeed from the Greek “βασιλίσκος” and means “little king”. But it doesn't play a big role in the Greek mythology. It was first mentioned by the roman historian and author Pliny the Elder in his “Naturalis Historia”. Some of you might know this creature of the novel “Harry Potter”.

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