She is one of the mightiest queens of her island. She is an excellent wizard and able to change her appearance in seconds. Today I would like to present you the incomparable goddess Eriu.

It is not easy to describe the main look of this powerful woman. Mostly she meets other people in the figure of a gigantic beautiful lady, but sometimes she turns into a grey crow with a very long beak. Her home is a mountain in the middle of her island. The older the goddess becomes the bigger becomes the mountain. During she sits on this mountain she is able to see the whole country. So it is very difficult for hostile armies to conquer the island in secret. Erui will protect the inhabitant of her island by hurl big rocks on the enemies. So on the one hand she is a strong and frightening witch but on the other hand she looks like a worried mother after her charges.

Eriu lives not alone on her island. She has two magical sisters: Banba and Folta. Together they fight against dangerous enemies. Once conquerors from the tribe of the Mil arrived in the country of Eriu. The three sisters wanted to stop them. First Banba and than Folta tried to keep them back but the Mil peoples promised the two sisters to give the island their name when they can move on. Banba and Folta were weak but Erui stayed strong and fighted against them. But also the Mil conquerors were strong and the battle found no end until the fighters decided the armistice. Because of this experience they called the island "Eriu"

So what do you think? Is Erui a creature of the Greek mythology or where else can you find the beautiful island Erui?


Eriu or Eire is the eponym for the small green island Ireland in the west of Great Britain. But it is accepted that Eriu is the Celtic synonym from Hera, the wife of Zeus. Like Hera Erui is ruler of a garden with golden apples which give never ending youth.

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