Marcel Brozio

Hello everybody and welcome to on this beautiful monday.                                                                                                                                                                     More than ever we want to present you another great musician whose name is Marcel Brozio.
He is still in the beginning of his career but his first songs seem quite promising.

Marcel Brozio's current work in Berlin is based on designing games and producing music at Ryddion Studios.
His ten years experience of developing computer-games now seem to help him creating epic as well as euphoric music.
He not only creates soundtracks of decent quality but he also gives his tracks suitable titles giving the listener a rough idea of each song.
So for instance the song you will hear later is called "The Trail", possibly implying the start of an exciting journey.
Other examples of such song titles are "Conquest", "Vengeance" or "Siege".
A further neat property of his songs is the gradual but steady rising of the volume which causes an atmosphere full of suspense.
Now we are listening to "The trail" of Marcel Brozio.
If you want to hear more of him you can visit Jamendo or soundcloud.

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