Túlio Borges

This week I want to present you one Brazilian singer, born in the capital city Brasília, who has published a lot of songs on Jamendo yet. Túlio Borges studied piano in the music-high-school in his home city.
In 2010 Túlio Borges published his first album.

Fife years later he published his famous album called “Batente de Pau de Casarão”. This album was written with famous poets, who live in the capital city of poetry, in São José do Egito, located in eastern Brazil. He was also inspired by this marvellous romantic city. This album was selected for the 3rd best Brazilian album of 2015. This year, he published his 3rd album, others are coming soon.
If you love poetry and the smooth, soft and rhythmically style of the Brazilian music, Túlio Borges is the right singer for you. His lyrics reminds of a never-ending lovestory connected with a traditional Brazilian music.
And now enjoy the smooth and romantic song of Túlio Borges.

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