The Colaars

In this week we proudly present you new band of our choosing: The Colaars.

This Ukrainian band focuses mainly on the indie genre, mixing it with rock and pop. The result is very interesting and unusal. You can listen to their songs for ten times, and eleventh time discover something completely new and different than before.


Dmitry Tkach, Alexandr Uspenskiy, Artem Nevskiy, Evgeniy Vinogradskiy all came from Kyiv. The Colaars were created in 2010 and since then they recorded three albums,: Wood Arsenal, Native and Underheart. Each of their work was wastly recognized through Europe, and was played in big radio stations in such studios like Barcelona, London, Prague.

Currently The Collars are participants of each major Ukrainian festival such as Fayne City, Pivden, Hedonism. Also they started to give their concerts abroad.

If you are eager to see their live their next concert will be on ZexidFest next to Lviv. During this one of the biggest Ukrainian festivals you will have chance not only to see Colaars live, but also variety of other artists and genres during three days of festivals. Depending on when you book your ticket for festival prices are from 8 to 150 eur. So you have to be fast if you want to get in! If you're manage to be in there not only you will listen to amazing music but also you will spend some quality time on fresh air meeting new people from all over the Europe.

Their music is avaiable on Youtube, Jamendo, Spotify and much more so if only you have same time play some of their songs. It's really worth it!

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