This week we will listen to a special band from Colombia called “3-2-1-Trio”. The band consists of 3 Colombian people. In 2003, they first meet together in the city Medellín, which is located in the northwest of Colombia.
The band has a very typical style of music. The three instruments are Tiple, Guitar and Bandola, which are very typical for Latin America.

The Bandola was found in Venezuela and Colombia and plays therefore a very important role in the band. It is a kind of Guitar, but with more sites and a different shape. Also the sound is different, but very nice to listen.
The band is trying to produce mostly traditional music. They not only make music famous for Colombia, but also for there city or province. So fare they made many concerts in different theaters, museums and concert areas in Colombia and some other countries in Latin America. The greatest concert they gave in 2007 in the city of Pamplona in northeast Spain.

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