Today on Creatures from HELLas, I want to discover  a bit more of the depths of the Greek mythology…or maybe about a movie monster? The monstrositi we are talking today isn't like a colossus as you may think, it is a gigantic bird. But what is so interesting about a lovely bird? The bird that I am talking about is more than unusual and nearly the opposite of lovely, not only because it is impossible to kill it.

Usually, the Phoenix is a peacefull animal that uses to nourish itself from dead animals, but when it comes to a fight, this beautiful red and golden colored bird, has the power to repair itself when his enemies try to kill him.

Not only that it is impossible to kill this bird, but it also has an extremly long life. Normally his lifetime is about 500 years. But after this long periode of time, one morning when the sun is arising, the bird is sitting in his nest and then it's happening. Fire comes out of his feets and it gets more and more until you see the Phoenix sitting there with widespread red and golden wings, beeing on fire twice as big as the bird. You can hear the loud noise of the flames, you can hear the bird crying and the strong wind blowing, after that there is only silence.

The fire went out and you can just see the ash in the nest. But, take a closer look and you will see something white in it. After a while you can observe that it is breaking into two pieces and suddenly a red-, goldencolored bird gets out of its egg. Even brighter, even bigger and eaven stronger than before.


The creature we were talking about is part of the Greek mythology. Joanne K. Rowling used someting simular to the Phoenix on her most famous novel Harry Potter, but the features are a bit different to the original Greek story of the Phoenix.

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