Greek mythology for children

I believe most of the people know about the Greek mythology and also agree that it is really interesting and also educative in its own way.
Even so it can not be stated that it is for everyone or better said for every age, because, like most of the mythologies around the world, it is stained with cruelty and brutal actions which show the flaws of human and gods, being like that educative by showing weaknesses and their impact on everyone’s life.

But honestly because of this way of education I believe that those stories are also interesting for children, just without such an exaggerated way of picturing the pain.
And this is what Sofia Zarampouka did, she rewrote and drew the mythology in a very beautiful way for children.
Sofia Zarampouka was born in the year 1939 and is an author and illustrator for children’s literature.
She studied art and theatre in Greece and graphic arts and illustration in America. This is also why she illustrates her books on her own.
She wrote her first book in the dictatorship, explaining to children what this word means, but got really known through her adaptation of ancient texts like Aristophanes, Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad, Aeschylus’ Oresteia and the Greek mythology.
Her books are used for primary and pre-school education, are meanwhile translated in all kind of languages from English over Norwegian to Japanese and her illustrations are also used at collections of museums.
So now with all those information about Sofia Zarampouka in mind and knowing the style of writing and the topics of the books, as they were also my access to the Greek mythology when I was younger, I would recommend them to everyone with smaller children as a fun way of education but also to strengthen their fantasy and vocabulary.
I hope you like my today’s book-recommendation.

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