Concert in Pyrgi 14. August 2017

Today I have a great announcement for you dear listeners. Music fans: listen!
On Friday, 14. August the Municipality of Chios will organize a concert with the Greek Soft Rock musician and songwriter Babis Stokas. Here are the facts in a short summary:


What: Concert with Babis Stokas
When: Friday, 14. August 2017 (starting time will be announced soon)
Where: Stadium of Pyrgi

Babis Stokas was born in 1968 in the German city Wuppertal but moved already in his early childhood to his home country Grece where he grew up in Kalamata and Menidi. In 1989, he was one of the founding members of the Greek Rock band Pyx Lax (from ancient Greek, engl.: Punching and Kicking). Stokas was their lead singer and songwriter until the band broke up in the year 2004. The band is told to be the Greek music group with the greatest commercial success of all time. Pyx Lax produced all in all three gold and five platinum albums! Maybe you even know their song Μοναξιά Μου Όλα.
After the band dissolved, Stokas continued as a solo artist – a career he started with his first solo album in 2001 when Pyx Lax was still active. Since that time, he cooperates with different other Greek artists like George Dalaras or Lavrentis Machairitsas and he also had a band called The Gamma Plan.
In Chios, the singer and guitarist will probably perform a mix of his greatest hits and songs of the latest album called  Φυλακή υψίστης ασφαλείας. And of course his smash hit single Κι εμεινα εδω that has more than 12 million views on YouTube will not be missing!
If you are on Chios as a tourist, this concert is also a good opportunity to visit the medieval village Pyrgi. It's one of the most famous places on the island, because of the beautiful buildings. This place is also called "the painted village" because of its unique architectural designs known as 'chysta' which are facade decorations with geometric and natural motifs that are still intact today. Pyrgi is the largest of the villages in Mastichochoria, the southern part of Chios where the mastic is produced.
You will find a linked YouTube Playlist with a selection of his best songs here:

See you in Pyrgi!

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