Today I want to discover with you a bit more the depths of the Greek mythology…or maybe not?
Let me introduce to you a deadly creature, a told half god, which even the gods fear. A monster which is also named: “Father of all monsters”, children which got created through his love with the fearsome Echidna.

Typhon is the outcome of the copulation of the earth and the depths of hell and he is said to be the last of the earth’s direct sons, being born with hatred and the desire of revenge for her older children, being driven away from heaven by the gods or destructed.
His birth place was Kizkalesi in Turkey, were he also lived inside a cave terrorizing humans and gods.

A known director described this monster and told us his story to the very end.
Typhon is a terrible, untamable, emotionless creature and as dark and rotten his inside is, as frightening is also his outward appearance.  

He is a monstrous giant, so big that his head strokes the stars when he stands up properly and his arms can embrace the west and east at ones.
He is a strong god, his hands have enormous strength and his feet can not get tired.
Growing out of his shoulders, one hundred snake heads emit fire and give out voices of unspeakable sounds, ones understandable, than with animal voice, ones nonsense filled, than so beautiful that your mind would go blank  and they hiss that the mountains re-echo.
From the snakes eyes like from his own, fire flashes with the aim to burn merciless everything with angst-inducing glares.
Typhon has wings, wings which opened up make the sun vanish and a lower half existing from two coiled viper tails which never rest.

And he would roam for eternity over the earth as a deadly wind if not a hero, the strongest of all gods had fought him to the end of the plot. A long fight started, where earthquakes and tsunamis got created and the earth nearly broke in half under the power of the two gods, until Typhon got sealed with flashes in the endless darkness of the underworld, might it be in older times the Tartarus and today the hell.
But Typhon did not die and has in him, after this big fight even more his hatred to every living on earth and as his anger and his furry gather at his dark, cold prison, they manifest in the form of volcanic eruptions wanting to kill and destruct everything he remembers of his time on earth.
After all Typhon was born through the wish for revenge, so this feeling of hatred in him might never vanish.

But now to you, what do you believe, where was this story created. Is it part of the Greek mythology or maybe another mythology or is it maybe just a fairy out of a horror movie to scare us nowadays.



Typhons story is part of the Greek mythology. There are some different versions about his origins, but in the further process of the story they mostly accord. One of the most known documentations of the myth was made by Hesios Theogony around 8th and 7th century BC.

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